Why Should I Listen To Your Advice?

You shouldn’t. Remember the scene at the end of The Graduate on the bus? That was me at graduation: triumphant, yet mildly clueless. I was crossing the finish-line [drawn for me at the age of five] and for once I didn’t have instructions on how to complete my next task.

Keep your head down and upon graduation you will be rewarded with a fulfilling, enriching, rewarding job, right? I think I speak for most of us when I say that right after graduation no employer thought I had any serious credibility. Employers expect us to pay our dues, when we thought our expensive education was the entrance fee. Furthermore, most of what I would call “real adults” didn’t think my life experience was nearly up to snuff. My budget is wrong, I’m outraged by how much my labor costs, I want to afford a loft when I can only afford a closet, I dream of drinking cocktails when I can barely afford a six pack, the list goes on and on. I’ve been accused of being a lazy, unmotivated, inexperienced, and of having unrealistic expectations of what life is like after college. Well my response to this one year post-undergrad is simple — there was never a class for this.

I want to share my workplace and lifestyle missteps in the hopes that maybe we can pull together and become constructive additions to the fabric of society millennial style. I love happy hour, snarky people, and poking fun at my own mistakes. So this is an open invitation for all of you to laugh at me slipping on the banana peel.